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authJ.P. Sexton grew up in the extreme North of Ireland, on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.
The area is so far “off the map,” that very few tourists have made it up that far – hardly surprising when one considers that most Irish people have not ventured that far North either.

As a result of its remote and wild nature, the people of Inishowen seem to be a different breed from the rest of Ireland and one could even say, from the rest of Donegal. It is this untethered nature of the people and the wild nature of the landscape which inspired J.P. to start writing as a young boy.

Like other Irishmen before him, J.P. learned how to be resourceful and to face challenges head-on. This inherent survival mode and adaptability has stood him well over the decades and the thousands of miles he has journeyed through life’s odyssey.

No matter how many continents he has crossed, or how long he has been away, he can always hear the call of his ancestors whispering to him on the wind when it is time for him to return home. The peace of mind and soul which he finds in his native Donegal, is like no other place on earth.


J.P. talks about his first book release.

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