I must apologize for my laziness (no point in beating around the bush!) when it comes to adding more timely articles here on my blog page. It was not a case of total laziness of course, but rather a “putting off” due to spreading myself thin and then “meaning to get caught up” at a later stage. When my first memoir book (“The Big Yank”) came out in October 2016, I threw myself into promoting it with full force. I organized a book launch in the Washington D.C. area and several book signings at local establishments. Places like The Auld Shebeen in Fairfax City, The Celtic House in Arlington, The Irish Times in Miami, John Martins in Miami, Tim Finnegans in Delray Beach, all welcomed me with open arms.

I also did a fair bit of traveling to Celtic/Irish Festivals around the U.S. with the new book release. My first appearance was at the Irish American Cultural Center in Chicago, for the IBAM literary event. Following that event, I was invited as a guest author to the Dublin Ohio Irish Festival last August as well as the Milwaukee Irish Festival later that same month. I was quite literally gobsmacked by these two huge events. Both festivals drew in crowds in excess of 100,000 over the course of the weekend and are without doubt, the largest Irish Festivals in the World. I am delighted to be able to report that I have been invited back again this year by both of these spectacular organizations.

Unfortunately, my running around the countryside and frequent trips to Ireland meant that my website was neglected a bit during that time. Readers should not fret however, as I have learned to juggle other writings with my road activities! Evidence of this will soon be seen when BOTH of my new books come out this summer! Just because I wasn’t following up as much as I should have with the blog, does not mean I was not busy writing, behind the scenes. The much anticipated (judging by the messages I have been receiving from readers) sequel to The Big Yank, is being edited at the moment, with a July release date scheduled on Amazon (paperback and e-book formats). Prior to that, I have another book which I have co-authored with two fine fellow writers and it is called; “Four Green Fields – Wild Irish Banter, Shenanigans & Poetry. Welcome Home to the Emerald Isle!”

I am attaching a link to last week’s Irish News article which heralded our joint “Labour of Love,” project!