I have been hearing about the new Irish series on Netflix set in Northern Ireland and called “Derry Girls.” I finally got around to taking a wee look for myself and I am delighted to report that it is a brilliant show. “Derry Girls” is set in Derry City during the early ’90s. Having grown up a stone’s throw from Derry and having knocked around that city for the past few decades, I found the cast and storylines to be fiercely authentic and hilarious. I am including an interview by the Derry Journal with one of the main characters – Belfast actor Ian Mc Elhinney (who also stars in “Game of Thrones”). Ian plays the part of the Granda – a grumpy old sod who has no time at all for his son-in-law (played by Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan). The older man’s facial expressions and one-liners will leave you with near-permanent laugh lines.

I would be very interested to hear how the series is being received in the U.S. and if American audiences have much difficulty understanding the Northern Irish accent. In full disclosure, I have a vested interest in this as I am currently contemplating converting my memoir into an audiobook and also have plans to write a series which will be set in Ireland and will include worldwide locations. Would love to hear your comments – in the meantime, here is Ian McElhinney’s interview with our local paper.